Your Ultimate 2-minute Cheat-sheet for a festive glow up with glassware ~ Rukmini Ray Kadam (Trumatter)

Your Ultimate 2-minute Cheat-sheet for a festive glow up with glassware ~ Rukmini Ray Kadam (Trumatter)

My name is Rukmini. I work as creative partner to Glass Forest, and you’re welcome to my Ted-Talk this morning or afternoon, or night- depending on wherever you are. If you’re reading past this line, it means you are really looking for some quick but effective hack to add some last-minute festive décor to your home. Which is good news. Because you are at the right place. And the other good news is, contrary to what people believe, adding that festive glow to your home is kind of EASY.

You don’t need to rush to the super-market at wee hours. You don’t need to change the entire upholstery. All you literally need is a set of clear and colored glass!

Here’s how I use my glasses to multitask for me- whether it’s for a house party or the plethora of décor photoshoots that I do. Take it from a decorator- a good glass tumbler or a votive is your best friend.


3 cute and simple ways to decorate with glassware this festive season

Use textured, clear high ball glass with tealights: Hosting a New-years or Christmas party? Use this trick to add a bit of glow everywhere! Use plain colored glass or clear glass tumblers and fill them with foraged flowers or tealights. I often match our Firdaus glasses along with Juliette glasses for that ethereal setting.

Use low, votives to create pretty vignettes:  From jam jars to designer ones, votives are so versatile when it comes to festive décor. I love placing them on my dining table with tall tapered candles and small bud vases. I love the Bubbles series of votives by Glass Forest that are truly the most joyful thing ever.

Use coupe glasses as vases: Here’s a free, simple and easy way to make a stunning centerpiece. Take a walk, forage some green stems and flowers. Now add a florist’s foam to your coupe glass and arrange the flowers and leaves- just add water and stick them in! Make a few to keep on your table runner, spread it out though out your home- it’s as simple as it gets.

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