COVID relief

During these uncertain times, we have been inspired and motivated by the resilience of our industries Together, we will persevere and have confidence that we will overcome the challenges we’re currently navigating through partnership and pay-it-forward attitude.

In the wake of the spirit of camaraderie, Glass Forest pledges 50% of its sales revenue to the following Covid rellief foundations.

1. Hemkunt Foundation - helps provide oxygen cylinders in such dire times and save people. They've impacted over 10 lacs of lives with 100+ volunteers & 12 humanitarian aid projects. 3 Lakhs+ Unique Donors.

2. Uday Foundation with its #StayWell and #FeedTheNeedy campaign aims to make and distribute at least 10,000 Wellness Kits and Dry Rations and food for homeless.

Every piece is handcrafted with extreme pride and care and offered in line of service for the humanity.