About us

Glass Forest

Glass Forest is an imagined reality. It exists in those parts of our urbanized minds that yearn to rekindle the connection with nature we seem to have lost. The design journey at Glass Forest is about the materialization of the inspiration we take from earth's natural heritage. The relationship of glass and light guides the design language that we use to create everyday miracles for urban spaces. In keeping with our ethical framework, we work with local craftspeople and encourage the use of techniques that regard the environment.


About the Founders

Pallavi and Deeksha, alumini of premier design institutes of India, came together to lay the foundation of Glass Forest in 2018. Their combined understanding of lifestyle product design and common love for glass brought them together organically.

Their inclination to draw inspiration from the natural world and turn it into objects of art and beauty has shaped the philosophy of their brand.

Their shared goal is to take Indian luxury design to the global stage with a sensitive and calm approach. In a fast-paced urban world of cut-throat competition, they want to introduce the serenity and inclusivity of a forest.


What Does Glass Forest Offer?

Glass as a material is a visual metaphor for modern aesthetics but its transparent quality reflects a purity that is old world. Finding a balance between tangible and intangible, antiquity and modernity, to create a range of unique products from home décor articles, light fixtures, wall murals and bespoke art installations is an everyday pursuit at the Glass Forest studio.

We believe that Glass Forest as a brand has a feminine voice. The inspiration is Mother Nature, the founders are women but the real reason for this belief is our primary material - Glass itself. The delicateness and sensitivity of glass makes it feminine in nature. These qualities make it fragile but this fragility is also its biggest strength.