Return to Retro ~ Its Christmas time!!

If you are here, reading this line, it means- and in the true Mariah Carey fashion- Its Time!!! We started our Heirloom Christmas ornaments in 2021 (who knew there was an elf in us) and since then it has become a new tradition to gather up make cute little ornaments for you, to truly enjoy the most wonderful time of the year.

Glass Forest

“Welcome to an enchanting forest, elevating your everyday. An artisanal range of glassware called- Glass Forest!”

Glass Forest is a house of timeless and bespoke glass wonders, playfully capturing our attention; slowing making their way into our everyday and refining everything to its essence. 

Glass Forest is an extension of our narratives, a dichotomy of reality and dreamscapes and all the vibrant hues in between. We are the craftsmen, we are the dream smiths and we are the alchemists.

We craft narratives with nature’s tools and bring surreal into our mundane lives, mindfully taking us closer to nature. From blasting the grains of sand to that distinctive glint of light bouncing off the glass, we were mesmerized by the beauty and were ready to share this joy with the world. 

We adore this beautiful cosmic alchemy - “Glass”!

We are Glass Forest!

Installations, Lights & Forms

Eden ~ Wonderland Collection

Eden, a collection that brings together the best of our two previous collections Firdaus and Juliette. Eden, just like heaven, is a place of perfection, beauty and youthfulness.

Also presenting the first set of products from our Conscious Collection. Sustainability is a long journey and this collection, designed with the aim of reducing the waste we send to the landfill, is our first milestone. Developed after months of experimentation, these cake stands are a result of our passion for all things beautiful and concern for our home planet.

Enjoy your teatime goodies as you soak in the nostalgia that spring brings!