3 of our favourite, nature inspired chandeliers that give us joy- every time

3 of our favourite, nature inspired chandeliers that give us joy- every time

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To be inspired by nature is both an easy and a difficult thing. Easy because its easy to love. There is no reason why one wouldn’t love a gorgeous bunch of roses or freshly bloomed, bright green leaf catching the sun through its veins.

Difficult because it is ridiculously- and I would use the word ridiculously- difficult to capture the nuances of nature in glass. The slight gradations of colour, the varying translucency, the organic forms with slight differences, the patterns and textures, the quality of lightness, the iridescence of pearl, the mellow, soft reflections of sun on water, the shadows of trees, the ways light filter through- these are the most difficult thing to imitate in a medium like glass. Also, it is difficult because what’s seemingly commonplace requires not so commonplace techniques to make it look like it is.

And yet, an artist thrives in these challenges. And with the artist thrives art.

Below are a 3 of our nature inspired chandeliers which gives us joy, every time we see it in our client’s office and it fills us with such deep love for what we do as designers. We also wanted to take a moment to clarify that this is not us beating our own drums but merely sharing the joy with you all. It is also our humble effort to raise environmental awareness- so through our art we can evoke a sense of wonder and thereby responsibility towards preserving this wonderful earth that we have been blessed with. 

We hope you like it!

The Very Merry Marigold chandelier:

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The ubiquitous marigold is also a work of art. Hundreds of ruffly petals or ray florets keeps a bunch of disc florets cozy. All of them are neatly snuggled in bracts- or the green fleshy part that’s often strung in garlands. And to encapsulate it all in glass, keeping all its visual nuances intact was a challenge we were prepared for. With light at the heart of it, our blown glass marigold chandelier doesn’t fail to remind one of our muse and there in lies our success.

The Perfect Plumeria Chandelier:

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Fragile, tulip shaped flowers, happily swaying in a bunch amongst bright, broad green leaves. What a beautiful sight plumeria trees or champa trees make. And if you are fortunate enough to walk past them in your morning walk, the fragrance of it all fills you with sheer joy. Needless saying plumeria is one of our favorite flowers and we had to pay an ode to it through glass. Delicate brass cylinders and blown glass makes our plumeria chandelier- note how the flowers are placed at a distance from the leaves to mimic a real branch!

The gorgeous Koi Pond chandelier:

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There is something so serene about seeing ripples made by fish on water. The very sight of it takes us back to a childlike state where the amusement of spotting a fish in water meant everything.  And who knew how difficult it would be to actually capture that moment in glass. There is a fish. Yes. But there is also ripples. Ripples that go far and wide and smaller rippers that happen from within. There is reflection of light and a faint glint of gold. Take the same moment and transport it to morning and evening and the whole color story will be flooded with crimson. But most importantly, it was the translucent nature of water that intrigues you. Almost as light as air, always as transparent as glass. This particular chandelier took us hours to perfect because the reflection and the intensity of light had to be just right. And when you light it, it should be able to transport you into a place and time that you hold dear to your heart!

And as we continue to imbibe the magic and observe the little details of nature, we hope you will be with us in this journey of creating beauty out of sand.

But you know, what was the most difficult part in this whole blog? It was to choose just 3. That was difficult. Probably more than etching a bit of nature in glass.

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