5 Amazing Wedding Glass Decorations for Your Table

5 Amazing Wedding Glass Decorations for Your Table

We all love weddings. The food, the decoration, and the overall happy vibe keeps us excited all the time. While we just get to see the glamour of the weddings, there’s a lot that takes place backstage to make the wedding what it is. The themes, props, and decoratives all have to be picked up keeping the aesthetics in mind. The décor at any wedding plays an instrumental role in creating the right ambience and selecting the right décor items is of the essence. Using glass at homes, restaurants, and offices is a prevalent concept but did you know that you could also grace the auspicious occasion of your wedding day with the use of glass-based products? Glass Forest is here to bring to you an exquisite range of glass-based products that are elegant enough to make your wedding day look like a dream.

Crumpled Votives:



Uniquely shaped pieces of the finest quality of glass, these carafes are insignia of quirk and creative brilliance. These artisanal prodigies complement your wedding theme with their blend-able yet distinguished existence. Light up fragrant candles in these and make your wedding a land of all things wondrous. Handcrafted, these votives go through an extensive process of creation and refinement before they reach you. If you are looking to elevate the vibe of your wedding with glass decorations, allow these masterpieces to create an enchanting atmosphere for you and your guests.

Mireya Table Lamps:


Proprietary to us, these lamps are just as elegant as it gets. A delightful amalgamation of lacquered teak wood and hand-blown borosilicate glass, this lamp is our treasure and your key to unlock some magnificent decorative ideas. These table lamps are like a cherry on the cake -- an enhancement to your décor themes at your wedding. The subtle grace that these lamps bring to your wedding is unmatched. The ribbed design of the hand-blown glass gives an attractive appeal to these lamps.

Iris Vases:



A seamless mingle of two opposite colors, our Iris vases are embodiments of skillful craftsmanship and finesse. Crafted with refined borosilicate glass to deliver an opulent touch to your tabletops. Play around with some fresh lilies or pour some water with a hint of essential oils, these precious vases would get the job done! These vases would look lovely on a chest drawer or on your table where guests enjoy their drinks by the night. The light build of these vases gives a sophisticated charm to your space without outdoing your décor – just going along with it to create enchanting ambience.

Alisa Votives:



These hand-crafted art pieces are splendor and magnificence epitomized in one. With their unique design, these votives are an add-on to your beautiful wedding. They literally add so much of elegance and light to your spaces that including them in your wedding decoration is an absolute no-brainer. Light up a candle inside these masterpieces and watch the aura of your space elevate like magic sprinkled everywhere. Give a dash of endless charm to your wedding with these votives that reflect all their beauty and light onto your spaces.

Flower Stems:



Our flower stems look as if the lives of natural flowers has been frozen and kept as it is for ages for the posterity to savour. These glass-based flower stems give a dash of class to…well, anywhere they are kept. Keep them in a vase on the dining table or just on the side as a standalone decorative, this showpiece will not fail to impress. Whatever your theme might be, these clear wonders are perfect examples of how little things hold the power to turn things upside down with their perennial magnetism. Crafted with borosilicate glass, these stems are symbols of sheer simplicity and magnificence.

Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime events and they should be nothing less than anything extraordinary. We believe that your wedding is a dream and we wish that it comes true in the best form. Using glass at your wedding gives it a regal vibe altogether, enhancing your theme like a magic spell. Use these top five glass decorations for your table on your wedding day and let everyone remember the day forever.

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