5 best work from home accessories to treat yourself this 2022

5 best work from home accessories to treat yourself this 2022



It’s that time of the year again. Yes, we are talking about the spirit of the new year and also the third wave of the pandemic! With all of us back to our home desks, did you know, we spend one-third of our lives there! Well, it is only fair we spice up our surroundings. With endless zoom calls and staring at our screen for hours, all of us are in a dire need of some motivation so that we don’t hate our work. Experts suggest personalising your desk can improve productivity and mental health.

We need a workspace that inspires us to wake up every day with renewed energy and also keep us calm. We need a space to reflect our personality and create a Zen sanctuary for those fleeting moments of tranquillity.

Now that #workfromhome seems to stay for long, we have rounded up a list of accessories to give your desk a makeover! An assortment of stationery, a mug or tumbler, some memos taped to the desk, let’s have a look at our favourite must-haves!  

  1. A stationery palette to start your day

A To-do list notepad, your favourite pens, a journal are just the right accessories to put on your desk. Write down your goals and keep everything organized. It is a proven fact that a tidy workspace makes way for a clear thought process. 

  1. Store detox water in stylish decanters

In between staring screen for long hours and zoom calls, what we miss out on is keeping ourselves hydrated. If you are bored with your water bottle, give it a stylish makeover by replacing it with glass decanters. Additionally, add infused water like orange, mint or cucumber to soothe your mind and body. Check out these gorgeous ‘king and queen’ decanters, that will surely make for a serene setting at your desk. 

  1. Snack the smart way

We all have been there! Our hands reach out for snacks whenever we are hungry, stressed or simply bored! Make a statement out of them and add colour with Chirp jars, perfect for storing tiny munchies. Our Iris jars are modern and contemporary, adding a chic and clean vibe to your desk. 

  1. Induce aromatherapy with candles

Aromatherapy makes for a delightful change in your work atmosphere. From encouraging focus to purifying the air to boosting the mood, adding the right candles can give your space a facelift. Think of hand-made soy candles or colourful votives to add just the right accessory that your desk requires.  

  1. Add a vase to complete the look of your desk

Bring in colour, life and a happy vibe to your work desk with an elegant vase and some bloom. Adding flowers can instantly boost up your mood and promote productivity. Take a cue from our dreamy Juliette vases, by creating a little haven for you right at your desk. Iris vases make the space cosy and warm while adding a pop of colour.

 Now that you know the basic steps, you can actually add as many or as few of these items as you want. Just make sure to create a space that is YOU and adds a fresh vibe this 2022!

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