5 Easy Cocktails You Can Make At Home

5 Easy Cocktails You Can Make At Home

Cocktails are loved by literally everyone. Every once in a while, people who enjoy their occasional stint with alcohol enjoy having their favourite drink mixed with some juice or fruits and being served as cocktails.

These drinks are best enjoyed when you want to keep things casual and have some alcohol along with your beverages. If you are looking to do a cocktail-making session at home, here are some cocktail recipes you could try.

 - Gin and Tonic: The classic, most-loved cocktail of all times in gin mixed with tonic water. It is by far , hands down the easiest and  accessible alcoholic drinks to make at home. All that you need to do is mix some gin and tonic in a glass (quantities as preferred) and garnish with some ice and a slice of lemon (a sliver of cucumber, maybe). The drink is just as refreshing as it gets and keeps you all happy during your party. 

  - Lychee MartiniMartini is another easy cocktail that you can make with vodka. You can also go for gin, but it depends on personal preference. It is also one of the chicest cocktails to make of all times, and it is DELICIOUS! Looks like a total win-win! Go grab some gin or vodka and mix it with some dry vermouth in a cocktail glass. Stir the mix and add some olives or lemon peel to add that citrusy essence to this refreshing drink. Add some twist by putting some lychee juice to the drink and spicing the salt mix with a little bit of chilli.  You can definitely add this to your go-to cocktails drinks list as it is super easy to make and gives you just the right kind of high!

   - Sparkling Plum Splash : Sparkling Plum drink is a great  summer drink to beat those heat pangs. It is  refreshing, healthy , super easy-to-make cocktail that you will absolutely enjoy drinking is Plum Mojito. All that you need to do is just mix some sliced plums, sugar, and rum in a shaker and let the sugar dissolve, muddle, and plum infuse the drinking. Then strain the drink and pour into a glass and top with some blueberries, splash some soda and voila! Your favourite summer cocktail is ready to set the party on fire!

 - Watermelon Mint Mojito: Another delight for summers that you just can’t miss! To make this one refreshing cocktail, you need some mint leaves, watermelon, sugar syrup, soda, and white rum. Muddle some pieces of watermelon, mint leaves, syrup, and rum in a cocktail shaker strain the mix. Pour into a glass and add soda, ice cubes, and top with mint leaves and lemon and you’re done making a fresh glass of Watermelon Mint Mojito!

 - Orange Tequila: This is a super easy cocktail that you can make at home. All you need is some orange juice, grenadine, and tequila. Just mix the ingredients in a shaker and serve chilled with ice and top with either cherry or a plum! This drink is all set to quench your thirst in the summers while giving you the right high! A dash of orange liqueur for example Cointreau is suggested to add some more depth! The other variants to this marvelous tipsy are Tequila Sunset, which can be made by substituting blackberry brandy for the grenadine. Or try Russian Sunset by substituting vodka for tequila!

 These are some of the impressive cocktails to make at home very quickly. All that one has to do is mix these in a cocktail glass, and voila, the drink is ready to be enjoyed! We hope that these drinks turn out to be excellent and you can make these just perfectly.

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