Gifts with a meaning- The Significance of Glass Forest Products

Gifts with a meaning- The Significance of Glass Forest Products

It’s always more than just a gift. It’s the hunt for that special one and it's the pleasure of receiving something that has been chosen just for you. It’s the romance of the thoughts and the gesture, painting a beautiful imagery for the receiver. 

We all are well versed with the fact that giving and receiving gifts is incredibly powerful and an emotional act. Lately, subtle gestures with a meaning have taken precedence over the old-school frames and bed covers. 

We are delighted to be a part of an era where gifts are scrutinized with the eyes of a hawk to reflect the receiver's personality. Gifing indeed is an act of social bonding, celebrating love, friendships and life!

The art of attracting good luck and positive vibes can be explored with this conscious gifting range by Glass Forest. The art of bringing in figurines to balance and correct the aura of any space is an age old Chinese practice called Feng Shui.

Gifts with significance are received pleasantly as it effortlessly conveys the message behind the gesture. Giving glassware as gifts is a statement of style & panache for they mean sophisticated luxury. But here’s more…

In a world where people are spoilt for choice, giving heartfelt glassware can be the new way forward. Another direction to keep in mind is the mingling of color psychology and color therapy to bring in the hidden treasures of the color wheel. 

Even with the noblest form of glass, it’s like giving a piece of art.


A few gift suggestions from Glass Forest with their surprising significance…

  • Glass Straws
  • A perfect whimsical gift for the children to signify self-reliance and playfulness; the essence of childhood. These sets of quirky straws with cute animal toppings symbolize life and sensibility towards every living being; giving the power to the toddler to enjoy her drink all by herself, thus making her self-reliant. It’s also a clever way to introduce the concept of eco-sensitivity as children ditch the plastic/paper straws and sip with a sustainable alternative. 

    • Colorful Glass Bottles  

    Add playful colors and make sure you never miss your water-drinking regime! The colorful glass bottles from the Eden Collection makes for a great gift to make room for subtle elegance. It is perfect to be kept at your side table for bedtime, or your study table. 

    When water kept in a coloured container is exposed to sunlight, it absorbs the vibrational energy of that particular color. This process is called solarizing or energizing water.

    Each color from the Eden collection has its own significance, bringing in the magic of color therapy and psychology with its whimsical charm. 

    Yellow Eden bottle: Surprisingly, water when stored in a yellow bottle helps in weight loss. Yellow color is considered as the weight corrective color. You can have a glass of solarized yellow water half an hour before having your meals to aid weight loss. An ideal gift for someone looking to start a weight loss journey and work as a subtle reminder.

    Pink Eden Bottle: Different colors serve different purposes. Water when stored in a pink bottle leads to a calming effect. It is known to instill serene vibes and cultivate kindness for the one drinking from it. A perfect gift for a hyperactive friend.  

    Blue Eden Bottle: Known for its cooling effect, the color blue is associated with purification. When stored in blue, water is reminded of its pure essence, and returns to its original innocence. Water in blue bottles when kept in sunlight can act as a water purification system. A perfect ‘get well soon’ gift indeed! 

    Now is the perfect time to indulge in glass gifts that not only look chic and classy but come with their own beautiful hidden meanings! 

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