Bringing The Colors Of The Ocean Indoors With Our Coral Reef Wall Mural

Our Holi will be lit! Literally!

And if you look for us, you will find us deep diving into the depths of coastal elegance with our exquisite coral reef mural, inspired by the myriad colors found beneath the sea. Crafted with care and full of beautiful details, our installations and fixtures this year are all inspired from the flora and fauna on the ocean floor and (tries to) captures the essence of the ocean's vibrant hues.

A magical aquatic kaleidoscope

The enchanting world beneath the waves needs a saga of its own. Sunlight filters through the water, casting a kaleidoscope of colors on the ocean floor and everything lights up with its rich palette of blues, greens, orange, yellow and aquamarines. It is a sight that constantly reminds you of the wonder the world truly is.

In our 2024 glass installation and fixtures, we bring in all the play of light and shadow. The various textures and colors in our glass fittings mimic the spectral dance of light across the surface of the sea, replete with its swirling patterns and iridescence. From the soft, ethereal glow of the sea at dawn to the vibrant, shimmering hues of sunset coloring the sea gold, our pieces evokes the ever-changing beauty of the ocean's depths.

The Shape Of A Marine Garden

As glass artists, the most challenging part of making a nature inspired- let alone a sea floor inspired- mural is capturing the organic shapes and textures found in nature. The graceful curves of swaying sea kelp, sea grass and sargassum, the alluring dance of the anemones, the translucent nature of sea fans, the precision of corals- capturing the nuances of it is truly a mammoth task- at which, we think- we have been successful with our coral reef installation.

The bulk of our installation is glass- ofcourse- but we have brought in various mixed metals for these murals. You’ll find brass to add a bit of glint and glimmer. We have plain, bubble and fluted glass in terms of texture to reflect light as they would in nature, there are colored, opaque swirls and tinted glasses to bring in vibrancy and then a bit of powder coated stainless steel to showcase the slender lifeforms.  

And when the lights are on, it all truly looks like a slice of the ocean floor.

Get In Touch Pricing And Questions

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