Can you talk about lotus pond and not get philosophical?

In the vast tapestry of nature's work, there are few sights as captivating and mystifying as a pond full of lotus flower. Revered in cultures across the globe for millennia; for its ethereal beauty, symbolic significance, and remarkable adaptability, the humble lotus is truly a marvel of the botanical world. And to some extent, a marvel of the art world for the profound life lessons it imparts.

Ofcourse, to an untrained eye, it will be only the apparent. But look closer and you’ll see its unique growth cycle. Emerging from muddy waters, the lotus always blooms into a pristine flower, and somehow mirrors the human journey towards spiritual awakening and enlightenment. Look closely at its unfolding petals, and we are reminded of the potential for inner growth and transformation within each of us.

There is no match to the lotus when it comes resilience. Deeply rooted, give it adverse conditions and yet the lotus will bloom.

As we install our lotus light today, we cannot help but think of those wonderful times we have spent sitting by a lotus pond. It’s a magical thing especially during the sunset.

The colors are magical

If you have ever seen a lotus closely, you’ll know what we mean when we say the colors are magical. There is just the perfect ombre of pink and white with a touch of yellow and it exudes grace. The large green leaves also offset it’s hues like an artist has carefully thought of the palette.

And that’s also where most of our apprehensions was

A thing of beauty is challenge forever to us glass artists because replicating nature doesn’t come easy. Bottling the ambience of a lotus pond inside four walls will not come easy. But that’s the greatest rush is it not?

On surface level we had to make sure that the top view resembled exactly like a lotus pond. With all its varying colors and depths and nuances. On ambience level, we had to keep colored glass and low intensity of light so the magic can unfurl. This is also a major check point with glass. You cannot overdo lights or else it’ll be like standing the sun- completely blinded.

Pink, ochre, light yellow and transparent fluted glass were used to bring in the colors of a lotus pond and we fitted them at varying depths with brass so it mimics a pond. And whether you look down on the floor lamp or up at the chandelier, it does- if we may say so ourselves- look like a beautiful lotus pond.

We also made a second light fixture only to highlight the gorgeous ruffled leaves. Because it would have been incomplete or else.

Philosophy is not our thing

You know, we would have ended the blog right there, if not for a lotus pond. Truly, philosophy isn’t our thing. But we cannot help but bring this thought to forefront: As we tread the path of life, may we be like the lotus—rising above the murky waters, blossoming in grace, and radiating beauty and light to all who cross our paths. This alone should be our purpose to life and this gives us purpose to create.

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