Colored glass décor ideas for Residences

Colored glass décor ideas for Residences

We believe that your home should impersonate you, carving your sensibilities and aesthetic onto walls, ceilings, and tables. A lot of thought has to be put in order to pick the right, spot-on décor that suits the theme of your home. Articulating the very essence of every wall, your décor should have a story of its own to tell, a cryptic expression yet to be put forth. Decorating a residence isn’t as easy as one might think. We believe decorating a home needs originality and intellectual insight that has to be incorporated into your decor.

If decoration is an art, glass is the artist. We believe that no other form of compound does wonders for your décor as much as glass does. Fit for literally any theme type, glass is something that stands out in multiple respects. Its innate ability to beautify any space is what makes it a special décor essential. Breathing elegance into any space and rejuvenating it is what glass does the best. With its utter delicacy and finesse, glass holds an enchanting charm to elevate spaces like a magic spell. We present to you some of our prized possessions that are created to vivify our home. 

Bloom: We think that your “home wall design ideas” has to be shortened because this is the breakthrough. An assortment of beautiful, mesmerizing flowers accompanying each other in all their magnificence, Bloom is one of our finest glass installations that never fails to impress. Crafted with high-quality glass and lacquered stainless steel, this masterpiece makes sure that your space is all about panache and éclat.

Impersonating flowers in a garden, bloom breathes into your space, some fresh air of style and flamboyance that literally lifts up the vibe. This installation outdoes itself all the more when it is illuminated, for it delivers the warmth that the flowers hold to pacify the soul. This installation perfectly graces the walls, ceilings, and wooden panels creating the vibe that your decor theme is incomplete without.

Mireya Table Lamps: The ambience of a place holds great importance in arresting the attention of your guests. We bring to you our most treasured, Mireya Table Lamps that are made to set a vibe so calming, your place will get all the more beautiful.

Crafted with hand-blown, borosilicate glass and lacquered teak wood, these masterpieces know how to make your place look elegant and magical. Infusing a sense of calmness and tranquility into your space, these ribbed-glass lamps are sure to jazz things up.  This exciting blend of modernity and minimalism would make your space just as magnificent as you’d like!

Crumpled Votives: Colorful, vibrant, and enchanting. That’s what this work of art is. Crafted with spectrum glass, these finely-designed showpieces are what you need to jazz your décor up.

Adding that extra layer of charm to your space, these votives are undoubtedly one of our bests. Best when illuminated, this collection makes sure your home becomes home to invariable tranquility and class. This gorgeous blend of color and texture inflects its charm onto your space, making it exquisitely splendid. Make sure this super-chic décor piece is on your list when you’re looking to do your space because we don’t want you to miss out on this beauty.

Flower Stems:  Your worries on replacing the old flowers with fresh ones goes forever into the bin with these glass-based flower stems. Made with borosilicate glass, these charmers go great as an assortment or single pieces as well. Artistic flair of these stems speaks through the details, clarity, and the sleek design that captivates the attention of the beholder.

These pieces of craft paint the beautiful picture of sophistication and refinement on every corner of your home. Simplicity and elegance literally flows from these glass-based wonders as they grace your tabletops sitting inside beautiful vases. Get your hands on these flower stems and watch the aura of your space, elevate instantly.

Rippling Rivulet:  Stagnancy symbolises immobility, ripples create dynamism. Finding a way out of the rocky beds and creating something as beautiful as ripples, water has blessed us in ways unimaginable.

Ripples are powerful, invigorating attributes of the movement of water that leave us all in awe of this majestic element. Crafted drawing inspiration from ripples, Rippling Rivulet is an installation that imitates exquisite phenomenon of nature in its truest form. Made with hand-crafted spectrum glass, this “ah-so-beautiful” wall installation offers nothing but energy to your space. Possessing the power to subtly elevate the aura of your home, this wall décor item is a “sine qua non” if you already haven’t decided on owning one.

Aforementioned were a few glass design ideas for your home that could help you play around the overall vibe of your home. While the décor plays a major part in sculpting an experience, it becomes imperative for home-owners to be accustomed to and in accord with the aesthetics of what’s in.

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