For a ghoulibratory table: moody Glass Serve-ware for a Hauntingly Stylish Halloween

In our culture, a day for ghosts is not celebrated. Ghosts are supposed to be on your TV, in a movie, or in worst case, in your house whom you want out, respectfully or not! They are not to be celebrated by any means. But that was the 90’s with our grandmoms on our dining table lighting an incense and chanting Hanuman Chalisa at the mere mention of it. This is 2023 and we are inclusive.

We celebrate Halloween and acknowledge the other worldly beings as a part of our existence and get black nail extensions in solidarity with those who don’t walk the earth. This is kinda cool!

And although we never will probably have the guts to fix a vampire tooth and walk around the house on Halloween, here are our favorite serveware from our GlassForest shelves to turn your Halloween party into a hauntingly stylish affair!

Grey Juliette glasses

Dark, moody, brilliant! Our grey Juliette high ball glasses are perfect to serve your cocktails in! Can we suggest a bloody mary with some black food coloring added. Oh, and some edible glitter perhaps?

Grey Chirp vase

For the perfect trick or treat! Arrange a long dining table with our chirp vase and fill it up with red skull shaped candy! Looks pretty awesome!

Monochrome Goblets

Black and white create all the drama and you can toggle it from Halloween to Christmas. Our monochrome goblets are just perfect for a glass of red, red wine! Oh, or ofcourse, some blood juice for the vampires.

Grey Juliette vase

We love a bunch of dark roses on our grey vase for Halloween. Infact nettle and roses make such a dramatic and yet spooky arrangement that we think its perfect for a ghoul-i-bratory table. See what we did there?

Red Crumpled Votive

We unanimously agreed that an array of red crumpled votive would look on point on a Halloween party or a table! Line them up with Led candles up the straights, put them on your windows – oh the possibilities are endless!

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