Glass, Glam And Glory: A 2023 Trend That We Believe Is Here To Stay

I will however clarify one thing at the very onset. I don’t follow trends. The clickbait articles don’t make me click, I will not hear a word against brass fixtures and I don’t think any one in particular buys anything because its trendy. It’s too frivolous to give in to something that may disappear in half a year when truth is, you will have to live with “that trendy fixture” for a very long time.

But this!

At the Fall 2022 High Point Market, the largest home furnishings industry trade show in the world, one particular trend shone through. A trend that is also most exciting to the likes of me. A renewed emphasis on glass was noted and it was not just clear glass but glass in all its coloured, wavy, seeded, ribbed and brass fitted glory. The dames of design instantly “skeetered” in their diaries about this hot trend; the star of 2023 after the coveted checkered pattern, and truth be told, I am here for it.

For the resurgence of glass in our homes and the glamor and glory it brings with it.

Because Neoclassicism Is Natural After The Oversaturation Of Mid-Century Modern

“I think after the pandemic and all its casual practicality there is a desire for formality and luxury.” -Robert D. McKinley, Studio Robert McKinley

And I couldn’t possibly agree more as to why we are looking for the glam of glass in our homes and lives. A possible explanation of why we are looking at glass as THE medium in 2023 is because it lends itself beautifully to grandeur. Specially when coupled with light!

Trends are a reflection of the cultural and political environment of the society and design and art responds to these constant changes in our societal fabric.

After the two harrowing years of shutting ourselves down in our lofts, we are ready to be the people of the world. We are ready to add in that sophistication in our homes, that statement element of magnificence, symmetry and scale, as we open our homes to friends and family. And glass, in my opinion, is almost altruistic to this scenario.

The Focus Will Especially Be On Glass Light Fixtures

2023 will specifically see a resurgence of glass light fixtures. But it will not be the kitschy glass chandy of your neighbourhood barber. No cutting corners on metals either. Expect larger than life glass installations, elaborate chandeliers, delicate light fixtures, statement blown glass full of details – all crafted in colored or non-colored glass. Expect a lot of nature inspired motifs, modern iterations, and uniquely designed modern lights. Brace yourself ladies and gents. We have successfully signed up for magic!

And We Are Probably Also Craving Joy Through Colours…

There is no doubt that colours make us happy. And I have quoted Ingrid Fetell Lee in multiple articles about how a simple change in colour can dramatically change our surroundings and thereby our mood. And what better way to add color in your home than through colored glass that makes light dance around it in the most cheerful hues. With roots in the 20th century depression era, colored glasses have re-entered the world of design with the same vigour as it did in the depression era, bringing cheer, optimism and normalcy in a world that seems rather bleak. And I think we could use a bit of upliftment here!

Once upon a time my grandma was prescribed Sorbitol. I remember her having it in a pink fluted glass. One of the prettiest glasses I have ever seen. Upon asking her why she particularly chose that glass for a very unpalatable drink, she said, it makes drinking sorbitol a happy affair.

So yes, expect to see beautiful coloured glass serveware, pitchers, drinkware all around because we are seeking joy! Actively. Visit

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