HoneyDew! A collection inspired by the playfulness of iridescence

In October, we launched two new collections at GlassForest- Twilight and HoneyDew and they’ve quickly become ones that’re very close to our heart.

We, as designers, love how light and colors interact with glass, and these two collections explore the playfulness of colors and geometry to the fullest. While Twilight, inspired by its namesake phenomenon that happens twice everyday, strictly revolves around three primary colors- grey, white and black, HoneyDew on the other hand picks up its palette from the swirls of iridescence on water.

Round, Many, Colorful

We have quoted Ingrid fettel Lee on multiple occasion and we find it imperative to do so again now, because our HoneyDew collection is perfectly aligned to this thought.

“The aesthetic of abundance is the “kid in a candy store” feeling, and it stems from the joy we find in quantity and variety. But abundance doesn’t necessarily have to mean material abundance and the accumulation of stuff. Just as powerful is sensorial abundance, achieved through repeating patterns like polka dots and stripes, the layering of textures, and the use of multicolor palettes. Using these aesthetics can help create a space that reveals the truth of Mae West’s famous maxim: “Too much of a good thing can be wonderful.”

When we were brainstorming on the HoneyDew collection, one thought kept propping up that we wanted a collection that’s just happy. A glass that gives you joy. A bowl that you can use for your happy occasions. Or eat pasta in, on a really bad day, to feel warm and cozy. And we knew that polka is the way to go.

Sage, orange and pink

On a canvas on clear glass, we added sage, orange and pink polkas. If that doesn’t make one happy, we wonder what will. Also, honestly, we tried many many colors and these three just screamed happy to us in the glass factory. You cannot decide everything on paper! And we are so glad we stuck by our feelings because they did come out beautiful.

Simple, understated, very happy and for use all year round.

Our HoneyDew is the visual serotonin you have been waiting for.

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