How to spruce up your living room this 2022!

How to spruce up your living room this 2022!

This 2022, give your living room a stylish makeover!

New year, same old room? Well, no more! Spruce up your space with tiny, whimsical details, bringing to life the concept of less is more. Out of all the rooms in your house, your living room clearly deserves more attention. Think of dreamy glass pieces, books that have a story of their own, flowers that add just the right amount of life… need we say more? Every detail counts! We have curated a list of elegant additions to your living room that will bring all the freshness you need to start 2022! 

Re-doing your space not only boosts mood but also creates positive vibes and helps release dopamine. So, if you are having an intimate party scene or just a book reading session by yourself, here are our favourite ideas to turn your living room into a space to be loved and get cosy in!


Lift up the spirits with some flowers

Flowers simply make the vibe so happy! They are symbols of life and freshness. But, afraid you have to replace flowers in your living room every other day? Well, add bloom all year with these glass-blown flower stems. Elegant, delicate and pure royalty, these flower stems will make for a whimsical addition to your space.   

 Prop up with eye-catching décor pieces


Mix and match or go all eclectic with props that will define the mood of your living space. A statement clock, a timeless rug or simply elegant vases; your props are the real deal in changing the look of the living room! Take a cue from these Juliette vases, romancing the fine details or iris vases playing in colour and chic. These statement glass vases add a gleaming layer of dimension placed in a living room corner or next to a side table. 

Stage a collected look with books

Keep the look of your living room classic and crisp by introducing some books and magazines. Adding colour, history and some culture to your space, these books work as magical props for any décor setting. Think of classics like Shakespeare or new age guides like Blink. Even placing the latest magazines will add an understated look of elegance.   

Add a cosy vibe with the right light

Want a surreal and sensuous experience in your living room? Add the right amount of twinkle with handmade soy candles. Play with a little colour with our dreamy crumpled votives in summer and winter palettes. Think of classic lamps like Mireya lamps. These elegant table lamps are made with blown glass and teak wood. They add the much desired natural element to any space – adding life in an atmosphere of contemporary, minimalist, urban interiors.

 Chic jars to make a coffee table statement

Make your space cheerful by adding bright and maybe unexpected things to your coffee table! Coffee table books are such a passe; think of our whimsical chirp jars, playing with colours and perfect for storing tiny munchies. These will surely be a conversation starter and perfect for your Instagram stories!  


PS: Less is always more. By adding little details, these tiny changes can make your living ‘Oh so glamorous’ and comfortable at the same time! Here’s wishing you a refreshing start to 2022!  


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