Keep us where the light is: A round up of our candles and votives

As a commercial art studio which dabbles with glass, we have made quite a few installations. Big ones, small ones, elaborate ones. And it gives us much joy to think that we get to fill a space with light in its most ethereal form, for a living. But you know what truly fills the cockles of our heart? It’s the little things we make. Chiefly because they are incredibly cute.

So, you and I can have a bit of ethereal glow in our day-to-day life too.

For days when you want a bit of personal glimmer in a lowly lit room, with a glass of wine and a good book, our candle holders, candles and votives do the trick beautifully.

Rounding up a few of our client’s favorites that went on to become our own favorites over the years!

Alisa Votive

One of the very first designs from our studio, Alisa was made to imitate the flame of a candle. Happy to say that it did live up to our sketch! Keep a candle inside and you’ll know what we mean. But an LED candle please!

Bubble votive

We probably have spent our entire lives in thinking how to maximize light through glass and this bubble votive is proof of it. Just by adding more clear glass on simple, plain glass we created a crystal like quality in simple votives that we are very happy about.

Crumpled votives

Our crumpled votives are testimony to the fact that simple forms can be absolutely graceful. Nothing extra, nothing less, very whimsical and yet super minimalistic. Our crumpled votives comes in plain and textured finish: take your pick.

Iris Votives

Our popular, dual tone iris serveware boiled down to tiny boblets so you can get a little modern sparkle on your table top. Absolutely love these guys.

The only candle we ever launched

Okay, now, the candle per se is not our forte. We wont make it sound like it either. But truly it’s the case we are after. This is the most vinatgey colored thing you’ll see and we adore it!

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