Reflections: An evening beneath GlassForest’s vivifying chandeliers and Asian Paints Colournext trend forecast.

Reflections: An evening beneath GlassForest’s vivifying chandeliers and Asian Paints Colournext trend forecast.

I was lying there. Beneath one of GlassForest’s beautiful Plumeria chandelier as it casted the most ethereal shadows. The deep greens of the meticulously crafted glass leaves and the signature, trumpet like flowers in milky white with their gorgeous brass stems; filling me with a sense wonder. It felt akin to sitting under a plumeria tree, on a full moon night, as the linen-y moonlight poured in from its canopy, in its truest sense and it all felt very wholesome.

Champa or Plumeria

Like a good meal that has not yet been touched with the pretentiousness of the world. Like growing your own microgreens. Like feeling your mom’s hand on your head. Or a puppy running straight to you from afar because he knows its you. That kinda wholesome.

And Glassforest’s installations have always made me feel so. Wholesome. With all its curves, ruffles, and rounds and arches; all drawn from nature and carefully executed to preserve its nuances. The entirety of it. In all its forms, in all its soul.

This is also where I thought the Asian Paints Colournext’s 2023 trend, “Edge of forest” makes complete sense.

Especially, these sentences that skirt the opening paragraph- that “Deep within the recesses of our bodies and memories, we know nature comes packed with life and wonder. And so began a new tryst, a nature-first approach that has us borrowing from the wisdom, stories and art of our ancestors as we increasingly realise that we are meant to be an extension of the world around us, not walled away from it.

wall decor or chandelier

And how interesting that the proposed color palette under The Edge of forest are so similar to the colors GlassForest instinctively used on their nature inspired chandeliers. Coral coast, amaranthus, midnite meadow, relish green, raw cotton- they are all very much in there.

I have put down a few chandeliers – that I absolutely adore- and the respective color palette from the new trend forecast, just to celebrate the beautiful designs.

glassforest chandeliers

Now, honestly, this is not a vanity blog because I love GlassForest. Not a piece to beat their drums (though one could and it’ll be totally justified, and yet at GlassForest, they’re all too humble to fish for compliments). Rather, this piece is to celebrate how closely we all interpret nature. The colors we see, the forms we draw, the hues we remember. Blue sky, green grass, white clouds and a great sense of wholesomeness.

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