The magic of Mushrooms

A whole new trip: The enchanting world of shrooms and our Inspired Glass Lighting

There is something surreal about shrooms. Perhaps because that’s a world we don’t quite know. How a little, perfectly umbrella shaped shroom pops up when the whole world is sleeping is quite the magic. In Bengali, they call it byang-er-chhata. An umbrella for the frog. A coinage on its own capable of transporting one into the magical, rainbow-y realms of fairy tales.

And if you were to know them, that’s a whole world in itself. From lacy, large ones to tiny, almost difficult to see ones- its incredible the kind of mushrooms that dots the earth and their forms- even more so!

And if one is, as we are, ever so inspired by the unique workings of nature, its only a matter of fact that mushrooms will find its way to one’s creative outlet.

Monsoon, Mushroom, Magic

Last year, we went on a small hike and came back with tons of inspiration for our new lighting projects- (not so) surprisingly, all of them featured the delicateness of shrooms, which – when lit- evokes the most wonderful ambiance, full of magic and wonder.

But it was easier getting inspired than done. The organic shapes and textures were not an easy feat. Translucent glass shades mimicing the delicate caps of mushrooms, showcasing their unique contours and curves and manipulating the play of light through the glass for creating a soft and diffused glow was quite a task.

But we guess that’s what makes us designers thrive, isn’t it?

One of the remarkable features of mushrooms is its versatility in design. There are colors, there are textures, then there are varied shapes, sizes and to truly replicate that we had to mix glass details in clear, frosted, or tinted glass, allowing for customization and the creation of desired lighting effects. Our shroom installations see a mix of metals and various kinds of glass with various techniques to create that magical mushroom forest ambiance.

Because most of our installations are wall or ceiling mount, and becomes the focal points in a room, we had to make sure the lights aren’t blinding. And our milk glass forest floor mushrooms helped us achieve that while we could exhibit beautiful textures through fluted clear glass. To replicate the diversity we also used mushrooms of different heights.

Ofcourse we had a lot of heartbreaks in the way but the nature doesn’t stop creating because a flood wiped it all. No?

And as we launch our whole new mushroom collection, keeping with the onset of the great Indian monsoon, we can’t help but feel truly nostalgic. Nostalgic and blessed that we were able to create a sliver of what nature offers us, every day, so casually.

So yes, we look forward to meeting you under the world of this captivating illumination, as our shroom collection launches. Bring your magic, we will bring ours!

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