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A round up of our vibrant vases to hold your festive flowers

We love vases. And how much drama it can effortlessly add to your table. Ofcourse in this day and time, we are often content with a tumbler or two – and we don’t have anything against it- but beautiful flowers do deserve a beautiful vase just as your most important meetings need a swipe of Ruby woo.

Somethings just make more impact and vases in our opinion do just the same. A dramatic, dome top arrangement and we will choose cut glass. A simple bunch of sunflowers and a wide mouthed vase is just about perfect. Rounding up some wild flowers and foraged greens? A dual tone glass vase with narrow neck is perfect! The right vase truly adds a whole lot to your flower arrangements and here are some of our personal favorites and how we use them!

Narrow mouth green Juliette

A part of our vase set, this is perfect to hold your single stemmed flowers. A couple of gerberas or tall tube rose and you are sorted. Looks best on coffee tables.

Iris dual tone vase.

Add a pop of color to your table with our dual tone vases that works more than just holding your floral arrangements. A designer tip is to weave your floral arrangement with that of your décor or tableware by the clever use of color. This helps you do that! Looks great on dining tables or side tables.

Iris tall vases

Get a large branch with lots of foliage up top and add it to this tall vase. There you have it. A stunning floral arrangement. The neck being tall helps to hold taller branches and you can easily turn it into a centerpiece. Looks fabulous on side tables.

Round belly stout Juliette Vases

If wild flowers are your thing, this vase is for you. A cute round belly and a short neck lets you make the most delicate bouquets and you can use them to decorate tablescapes quite easily. Looks great on dining tables and coffee tables.

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