‘Tis The Season: To Go Alfresco And Here’s A Quick Glass-Guide To Ace It!

We know we dabble with glass but we also dabble a lot with alfresco settings: no complicated math here because glass and outdoor light- whether sunlight or twinkling fairy lights- is a match made in heaven! And very few things evoke the essence of summer—or for us, the monsoon and winter—quite like dining outdoors.

The sparkle of a well-crafted glass, the clink of toasting glasses—a simple pleasure that never fails to fill us with wonder. Perhaps it's the alchemy of sand, soda, and ash coming together to create something so exquisite. Or maybe it's the way light dances through the glass, casting prisms of color and warmth. Whatever it is, the sight of a beautifully crafted glassware under the beautiful sky always brings a smile to our face, and we thought Spring would be the perfect time to detail out how to hang with your glassware alfresco!

To Begin With, Good Stemware Is The Life Of Your Table

Alfresco tables are all about conjuring an ambiance that transports your guests away from the ordinary and into a world of magic and delight. This is where we come in! Rows of beautiful, shimmering stemware, set against each other and against light does all of the magic. Truly, we love beautiful, long, slender stemware.

We Love A Good Wine Tumbler Too!

If you think long, slender stemware is a bit too risqué for a table to be shared by adults and children, look for good wine tumblers. They are stemless and have a much less chance of spillage.

#Protip: Look for texture in tumblers to bring in a bit of sparkle to your table. Our Firdaus stemless wine glasses are perfect to add in the magic minus the mess.

Look For Colors That Complement The Surrounding

Our first choice for alfresco lunch or dinners would be clear. There is a sense of luxury and grace that clear glass exudes when placed against light. But if you are a colored glass enthusiast, green and blue both look absolutely stunning! Probably because they echo the colors of the gorgeous outdoors.

Contrast Your Highball Glasses With Your Goblets / Tumblers

For highballs or water tumblers, we love how contrasting colors bring in an informal ambience. Like you picked them out from your cupboard and here you are having a good time. For more formal alfresco gatherings, keep them in a similar shade or ombre!

Opt For Textured Votives In Place Of Candle Stands

Tall, tapered candles when lit outdoor looks beautiful. But the chances of drip and wax getting onto your fabric or food are high. Opt for glass votives that’ll add the glimmer but without the hassle of cleaning up after. Textured votives also help you amplify the magic of light.

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