Under 3k: The sweet spot of gifting and our favourites that fit the bill

In our stint of being in business, we have realized one thing…and that is 3000 rupees is that sweet number that most people are willing to shell out for gifting. We have no idea why but there is something in that number.

Of course, not in your office Secret Santa event, it’s not; where some nincompoop would heartlessly bring a dairy milk wrapped in glittery red paper.

But when it comes to gifting your friends or siblings or family – that’s a good number to look for.

So today we have rounded up a lot of beautiful gifting options from GlassForest that you can gift to your friends and family- we have the done the homework here so you don’t have to!

The Juliette range of carafes

All on sale, now 2250/- and such a useful gift. From water to iced coffee to sangria- our carafes make for a wonderfully thoughtful gift

Twilight Coupe Glasses

Just the right price with just the right style. Our monochrome coupe glasses look beautiful and makes for a great gift- specially to the ones who love a drink or two! The set comes for 3000/- INR

A set of Honeydew glasses

Very retro, very happy! We assure you there isn’t a single soul who didn’t get a set and didn’t delight in it. All our glasses come in beautiful and sturdy boxes by default – just add a ribbon!

Set of 8 glass straws

Useful, functional, sustainable, aesthetic. Our glass straws literally check all the good points that you must consider while gifting and they are so much fun to serve a drink with! 8 straws adds up to 3000/-

The Christmas toffee ornament set

We launched a whole new category this year and our red and white toffees make the most perfect gift this holiday season. Made with tough, blown glass these have 100% heirloom qualities and they’re cute as buttons. Comes for 2700/-

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