Wall Decor You'll Love in 2022

Wall Decor You'll Love in 2022

We all want our spaces to look the best. Or, next to what is best. Ideas are paint to the canvas of your home. Our ideas are mere mental impressions needing to be embodied with bespoke designs. The décor that you use for your home presents a glimpse of your personality, evocating a thousand stories. What takes up a certain amount of space in our home should hold some substance in some respect – function or grace.

We believe that whatever you put to use as a décor piece at your home, must represent your creative intelligence to tell a story or to state some narrative. Glass Forest emphasizes on serving elegance in forms of art-pieces that are crafted by adept artisans who acquired their skills from their forefathers.

We ensure that the products that we create are relevant and contemporary in their essence. Take a look at these five glass wall décor ideas that are designed to give your space a dash of luxurious and artistic perspective like no other.


Inspired from a natural element, this wall art installation is a fresh take on floral beauty. Dianthyus, commonly known as Carnation, is a beautiful flower that symbolizes passion and gratitude, exactly what your home deserves to be filled with. Handcrafted and hand-blown with love, this masterpiece is one-of-its-kind.


It features lustered glass and lacquered stainless steel, being the paragon of durability and refined beauty. Its seamless charm naturally blends this installation with your space, gracing your walls like it’s an innate element of them. The magnetism of this installation pulls you towards it when it is lit, fusing the ambiance with sheer brilliance.

Life around Lily:

Life around lily, the name and the effect of this wall installation on your spaces could not have been more perfectly sewn together -- for lilies just know how to grace anything they are paired with. Made using handcrafted spectrum glass and lacquered stainless steel, this beautiful installation is all about brilliance and artistic perfection.

Suitable for all home types, this installation sprinkles stardust in every setting they find a place in. An amalgamation of stunning lilies overlapping, playing, and synchronizing to a melody of life, giving liveliness to your walls and your home. Use this masterpiece and let an enchanting vibe descend over your home.


Who doesn’t love the fizz created by the sea at a beach? As therapeutic as it is, it looks utterly delightful to the eyes. We’ve created a “work-of-art “ that brings the ethereal effervescence literally to your wall. Delineating tiny drops of water, effervescence offers a divine sense of refinement to your space.

Made with exquisite hand-blown glass and lacquered stainless steel studs, this installation reserves a place in the heart of the beholder. The mix of bubbles and the disparity between their sizes, colors, and textures is what brings out the aesthetic treat in this installation. This whole assortment intends to bring joy, positivity, and of course, grandeur to your walls with its “not to miss” quirk and élan. Give a space to this artistic décor item into your home and just watch the aura of your space elevate instantly.

Lotus Pond: 

Colorful, vibrant, and enchanting. That’s what this piece of art is. Crafted with hand-blown, colored glass and polished stainless steel, this miscellany of distinct yet similar lotuses is what you need to jazz your décor up. Adding that extra layer of charm to your space, Lotus Pond is undoubtedly one of our bests. Best when illuminated, this collection makes sure your walls become a home to invariable tranquility and class.

This gorgeous blend of muted and sparkly colored lotuses inflects its charm onto your space, making it exquisitely splendid. Make sure this super-chic installation is on your list when you’re looking to do your space because we don’t want you to miss out on this beauty.


Flowers are sweet little embodiments of beauty and vitality. Their vivid appearance arrests the attention of many as they retrieve the lost freshness and energy. Bloom, a group of glass-made flowers, textured, tinted, and well, mesmerizing. Portraying a collection of soul-stirring flowers, Bloom creates a sense of calmness and splendor, infusing magic into your space. Crafted with hand-blown glass and lacquered stainless steel, this wall installation has everything to create an atmosphere of tranquility and class at your home. Use them in your living room or in your bedroom above the bed, this masterpiece elevates the appearance of your walls beautifully.

Creating art on your walls is an important aspect of decorating your home. Picking the right elements to adorn your walls is of the essence since they are instrumental in giving the desired vibe to your home. Glass wall décor art is one beautiful way of ascending the class of your home. These are the top five modern glass wall art ideas to give you home a touch of elegance and class for your luxury wall décor.
Use these glass-based wall installations and let your home boast utter regality and splendor.

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