Whispers of Autumn

Whispers of Autumn: Crafting our Fallen leaves installation with nature's brushstrokes

As the days grow shorter and the air turns crisp, there's a palpable shift in the atmosphere, announcing the arrival of autumn. It's a season of transformation, a time when nature puts on its most enchanting display of change. Surely we don’t have orange hued maple in Delhi, but we sure have crisp leaves on the street that crunches ever so beautifully under our winter boots.

Being lovers of nature, how could we let go of such a unique artistic opportunity of encapsulating the ephemeral beauty of autumn in glass?

Of fallen leaves, a redder sun and cozy days!

If Sun-dappled forests, a tapestry of russet, gold, and the satisfying crunch of fallen leaves beneath your feet, is your thing, we present to you our Fallen leaf installation. With our signature, blown glass ripples and brass autumn leaves, glimmering in the light with its delicate veins and intricate details, this installation takes its inspiration from a sunset by the river, on a crisp cold autumn day.

We have often lied beneath it and imagined how it would be to be sleeping under a stream watching the leaves gently kiss the water as they sway and fall. If fishes could feel autumn as we do, they’d be the luckiest creature to have walked this earth.

And this installation truly beckons you to savor the splendor of the season year-round. The leaves, forever captured in their prime, become a testament to the passage of time and the beauty it bestows upon all things.

As the daylight wanes and the nights grow chilly, you can cozy up by our glass creation, with a mug of mulled cider in hand, and watch the shadows dance with the light. Believe us, it’s a beautiful thing of pure joy.

And that in turn gives us so much happiness…

This Fallen leaves installation of ours and how it fills all our lives with happiness! There's a certain magic in creating art that pays homage to nature's artistry; a collaboration between human hands and the whims of the natural world and this little whispered ode to autumn acts as a reminder that even in letting go, beauty can be preserved in the most unexpected ways.

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