Winter Quintessential

Winter Quintessential

Have you really enjoyed winters if you haven’t eaten gajar ka halwa yet? Winters in Delhi are said to be perceived more as a celebration than a season. And I couldn’t agree more!

For me, winters are all about the endless variety of food, bonfires, and cuddling up in the quilt on foggy nights. And the food! Did I mention the food? Even though some of these are available all year round, there’s a different feel to eating them in winter. 

And with the sweet shops lining up these heartwarming delicacies, we are so ready to rekindle our winter love with these sweets that we only get the chance to eat during these few months. 

So get ready to dive into these winter delicacies that as a Delhiite, or not, you should have tried and ticked off your list by now!


  1. Gajar ka halwa

I feel that the start of the winter is marked by gajjar ka halwa (gajrela). This mouth-watering winter treat that everyone looks forward to as winter arrives. Made from lots of grated carrots, sugar, milk, cardamom, and almonds, and then served warm, is the definition of this season. 


2. Gajjak and Chikki

Another much-awaited winter favorite, gajjak, is made from jaggery, peanuts, and sesame seeds. It helps keep the body warm during winter and is good for your health. Another slightly softer form of gajjak is chikki, equally tasty and healthy! 


3.Gulab Jamun 

Although this sweet is available to you all year round, you can’t resist eating them in winters! With the warm and soft feeling it gives you, it is the perfect combination for this nippy weather!


4. Peanuts and Popcorns

Winter means a reason to start snacking on peanuts. They are said to be an excellent source of protein, minerals and healthy fats. Throw in some popcorn and you’ve got yourself a fantastic and healthy mixed snack. 

Especially, with Lohri just around the corner, peanuts and popcorn are everywhere! It is said that adding them in the bonfire is believed to seek blessings and take away all negativity from life.


5.Til ladoo

Has any Indian dessert list ever been complete without ladoos? So to top off our winter delicacies list, we have Til Ladoos! Made from roasted sesame seeds, and crushed peanuts, thrown together with jaggery, and ghee, they are an irresistible treat enjoyed by all ages. 

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