September Soiree

Some may fear the fire, but some become it, for it only matters that how well you walk through it, for wherever you walk thence, the sparks will follow as moths to the flame ~ Subuhi Akhtar

Celebrating September
The beginning of autumn, in North & the spring season in South. Glassforest herein offers upto 35% discount on its products helping you celebrate every new beginning and coming of an end.
This is only to ascertain the beautiful New that commences in this fiery month of September dedicated to Vulcan the Roman god of Fire.

Everything that fire touches, is brandished pure and clear, and unique. That’s the beauty of fire, where every single piece might go through the same process but then shapes up to its own reality. The understated elegance but still the rustic simplicity is what that marks the true nature of BEAUTY! For we believe that"Beautiful things are perfect in their own way "They will be wonderful if we just Let them be ..

Glass Forest products are handcrafted & hand blown in India with love. We take pride in the variations of colors, presence of certain marks, impurities & textures of our handmade products. We hope that you will not perceive them as a f law but as a unique mark of our artisans.

Starting 1st September 2020