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Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads. —Henry David Thoreau
They say nature is the heaven on earth.

One of the element of nature is fire. Everything that fire touches, is brandished pure and clear, and unique. That’s the beauty of fire, where every single piece might go through the same process but then shapes up to its own reality. The understated elegance but still the rustic simplicity is what that marks the true nature of BEAUTY! For we believe that"Beautiful things are perfect in their own way "They will be wonderful if we just Let them be ..

Out of all the qualities of nature the most essential of them all is love. Bringing in the essence of nature and its love into your space.

Glass Forest products are handcrafted & hand blown in India with love. We take pride in the variations of colors, presence of certain marks, impurities & textures of our handmade products. We hope that you will not perceive them as a flaw but as a unique mark of our artisans.

We at Glass Forest tends to bring the same love in the air for you. We believe that you deserve all things beautiful for your spaces and so, we offer you glass-based masterpieces that brew magic wherever they go.

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